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How do you attach the solar panels to the roof?


First: Paste

1. Stick it on the back of the solar panel with 3M double-sided foam adhesive with high temperature resistance and strong adhesion, and then stick it to the position to be installed on the roof of the car.

2. Use solar special sealing silicone paste (high temperature resistance, anti-aging, stick up firmly)

Second: Take the line

Roof installation of solar panels to introduce the line into the car, can be from the car outside the rubber edge of the gap into the line. (You can enter the car through any closure on the roof [door, sunroof, cabin, engine compartment])

Finally: Connect the battery

1. It can be directly connected to the battery in the engine compartment of the locomotive.

2. Connect it to the cigarette lighter of the car. Note: Some car key switch locks the cigarette lighter is energized, the car key unplug couple cannot be charged from the cigarette lighter to the battery.

3. Connect the light bulb wire in the car or other wires connected to the battery.