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Portable folding solar panel


Some friends do not know how solar power generation, only know that solar energy is a new renewable energy. First of all, the solar panels are actually covered with panels, which are components that convert energy into electricity. Under sunlight, the external electrodes form a circuit, and the direct result is an electric current.

In fact, the technology of solar power generation is not difficult at all, but because of the choice of materials, it is still able to distinguish the good and bad of solar panels, and to do the solar panels well, fine, is a difficult thing. So the folding solar panels from Guorui Sunshine are not easy to make.

What's so amazing about solar panels?
In terms of materials, the solar panel of Guorui Sunshine adopts A-level monocrystalline silicon material, which has A stronger photoelectric conversion rate than ordinary solar energy and polysilicon materials. In the process of conversion, electricity loss can be reduced and power generation efficiency can be improved.

In order to make the solar panel more efficient, it is also covered with ETFE material, which can improve the efficiency of light conversion. It is also waterproof and heat resistant, which is perfect for outdoor use, even if it rains, without worrying about safety and use problems. Of course, the use of class A monocrystalline silicon materials and EFTE pyramid structure panel at the same time, the cost will increase, but a price, a product, their own use also rest assured.