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OEM & ODM of China! Hongwei’s Portable Folding Solar Panels Shine at the Canton Fair


From April 15 to 19, the 133rd Spring Canton Fair in 2023, a comprehensive international trade exhibition in China, known as "the First Exhibition in China", was held grandly at the China Import and Export Fair Pavilion in Guangzhou. As the leading professional integrated supplier of green new energy system, Hongwei PV brought nearly 20 portable solar panel products of 6 series to the exhibition --Booth No. : A3.1.G07, which focused on showing the advanced solar photovoltaic utilization technology and profound OEM&ODM manufacturing strength of photovoltaic panel.

The post-epidemic economic recovery combined with the wave of outdoor travel has brought unprecedented development opportunities for portable energy storage market. For the first time since the epidemic, the 133rd Canton Fair fully resumed the offline exhibition and added new energy themes. Hongwei Photovoltaic was invited to participate in the fair with nearly 20 portable solar panel products. It is understood that these solar panels of Hongwei cover six series: portable folding, portable flexible, portable glass folding, portable lightweight folding, portable one-piece ETFE lamination and portable aluminum frame, all products are made of high-quality raw materials, in accordance with strict manufacturing technology and process production. They have the characteristics of high conversion efficiency, good durability, strong self-cleaning ability, flexibility and easy installation, and wide application range, and can be widely used in industrial, commerciall, household, outdoor and other scenes.

High conversion efficiency

All of portable folding products of Hongwe, and ETFE One Piece Lamination 100W monocrystalline silicon solar panels adopt dual-cell design based on level A monocrystalline silicon, which can achieve photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 22%-23%. In particular, the ETFE One Piece Lamination 100W monocrystalline silicon solar panel(HW72-YT100W2P) is made of high purity monocrystal silicon semiconductor material, and the conversion efficiency is especially excellent. Moreover, these products are also equipped with adjustable kickstands design, which makes it more convenient to adjust at will according to the sunlight, and further improve the conversion efficiency of the product.

Good durability

In addition to the strict selection of materials for core cells, Hongwei Photovoltaic is equally critical in the selection of materials for other components of its products. For example, 1200D waterproof fabric is used for all series of portable folding solar panels and ETFE One Piece Lamination 100W monocrystalline silicon solar panels. The fabric is not only comfortable to touch but also has the characteristics of easy cleaning, dustproof, anti-dirty, anti-explosion and high temperature resistance, which make the panels to easily cope with various harsh environments.

Coincidentally, portable aluminum frame solar panels are applied in the "anodized aluminum frame + surface toughened glass" structure, greatly improving the product's tolerance to complex environment. Among them, the anodized aluminum frame ensures the fuselage is not aging, with high mechanical strength and easy installation. The ultra-clear tempered glass with 95% light transmittance can effectively prevent water and hail, make the protection grade reaches IP65 and greatly prolonging the service life of the product. With packaging technology and automatic welding technology, Hongwei series of panels have made great efforts to be unbreakable.

Strong self-cleaning ability

Along with conversion efficiency and durability, there is also the unique self-cleaning ability of Hongwei photovoltaic products. Hongwei ETFE One Piece Lamination 100W monocrystalline silicon solar panel --HW72-YT100W2P, the 100W portable folding solar panel --HW71-BF100W4P & HW70-BF100W2P, which comes with its own USB output port and all specifically use ETFE film laminating technology.

Based on the extremely high transmittance of ETFE film, excellent anti-aging and tear resistance, as well as excellent self-cleaning and climate adaptability, Hongwei’s solar panels are not only bright in color, high in light energy utilization, but also dust-proof, waterproof and easy to clean--generally only need to be manually cleaned once every 4 years.

Flexible and easy to install

Compared with traditional solar panels, Hongwei's lightweight folding solar panels and lightweight flexible solar panels are thinner and lighter. At the same time, all flexible solar panels are highly flexible, very convenient to install on the surface of curved objects, with lower power consumption and longer service life.

Taking the flexible solar panels as an example, this series of solar panels are highly flexible perfect curved surface design, which supports the installation on the curved surface of an object, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is especially high, the cost-effective is better. The glass folding solar panel adopts toughened glass structure on the surface, which ensures portability and foldability and is waterproof and firm, and its service life is greatly prolonged.

Wide range of applications

As the hot sell product of Hongwei, the portable folding solar charger--HW70-BF100W2P can’t be ignored in portability and compatibility. On the one hand, the highly portable handle composed of ultralight ABS resin endows the product a good portability. On the other hand, the multifunctional junction box with output ports such as QC USB-1/USB-2/USB-C and DC5525 ensures the compatibility of the products with different power levels, making this series of solar panels have a wider range of application.

“From strict product selection to standard manufacturing technology and process, Hongwei strives to ensure product quality from every step." The person in charge of Hongwei related market said that this is the core strength of Hongwei’s products sold both at home and abroad and customers all over the world. As a professional R&D manufacturer of portable solar panels certified by CE, RoHS and Ali E-commerce Gold Selle, Hongwei has been deeply engaged in the field of portable folding solar panel OEM&ODM manufacturing for nearly 7 years. It is not only has its own independent production workshop, but also set up a special inspection department to meet customers' strict quality demands for solar panels.

“First of all, at the production level, Hongwei has equipped the production workshop with fully automatic dicing saw, power sorting machine, fully automatic wire welding machine, laminating machine and other highly automated production equipment leading the industry. Secondly, in the production process, Hongwei also insists on strict quality control procedures such as incoming material inspection, semi-finished product testing, product testing and other quality control procedures." Hongwei related market leader introduction said. Hongwvei related automated production equipment and process and nearly 20 solar panel products were exhibited simultaneously, attracting strong onlookers and stop for consultation from upstream and downstream customers of the industry chain at the exhibition site which made a good start for Hongwei to accelerate the layout of OEM&ODM manufacturing business around the wold after the epidemic.