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An outer film material widely used in solar panels: ETFE


ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer) is a high-performance polymer material with excellent physical and chemical properties. In the manufacture of solar panels, ETFE is widely used in the outer film material of solar panels.

Solar panel production process

The general laminated solar panel structure is tempered glass/PET/ETFE+EVA+cell+EVA+back material

Comparison of different production processes

Glass is mainly used in the large panels of photovoltaic power station, which has high structure and stability, but it is not suitable for movable solar panels, which are heavy and inconvenient to carry.

PET and ETFE are both lighter. Compared with PET, ETFE is lighter than PET, which can reduce the weight of solar panels and reduce the cost of manufacturing and transportation. Therefore,they are more widely used in the production of portable solar panels. The light transmittance of PET is not as high as that of ETFE, so it is better than ETFE in terms of cost performance.

ETFE Features

ETFE is stain-resistant and "self-cleaning".

As it has a non-adhesive surface, dust and dirt that comes into contact with the surface are easily washed away during rainfall. This means that solar panels require less maintenance than non-ETFE panels because they don’t require regular cleaning to perform optimally.


The flexible nature of ETFE also facilitates the creation of flexible solar panels.

Installing flexible solar panels is much easier, and they can be used in many more applications than traditional fixed glass solar panels.

ETFE is made from sustainable materials and is easily recycled at the end of the solar panel's useful life.

Additionally, ETFE is a very lightweight material, so transportation createsa much lower carbon footprint than alternative materials such as glass.

Advantages of ETFE

Compared with traditional solar cells, ETFE has many advantages.

First, it's lighter, reducing the weight and manufacturing and shipping costs of solar panels. Therefore, the solar panel made of it is more portable and easy to carry, and is suitable for outdoor activities and field work.

Secondly, the light transmittance of ETFE material is relatively high, which can allow more solar panels to improve the energy conversion efficiency of solar panels. In addition, ETFE material also has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in strong acid, strong alkali and other environments. Therefore, ETFE materials are widely used in the manufacture of solar panels, such as the cover plate, frame, back plate of solar panels.

Finally, ETFE material has good impact resistance and heat resistance. Under different temperatures, the ETFE material will not be destroyed, thus greatly improving the service life of the solar panel. Therefore, solar panels made with ETFE can maintain their structural integrity under high temperature conditions. At present, ETFE materials have been successfully used in the manufacture of solar panels. Its good mechanical properties and processing properties enable it to meet the application requirements of various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, transportation, medical equipment and other industries.

New product recommendation

Product model: HW-YT10W2P

Expanded size: 250*323*2MM

Folding size: 250*160*17MM

22%-23% high conversion efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells

Single USB output charging is suitable for different models of mobile phones

ETFE surface: durable, long life, high light transmittance, easy to clean, anti-scratch


Expanded size: 265*607*2MM

Folding size: 265*200*25MM

22%-23% high conversion efficiency single-product silicon solar cells

Dual USB output charging is suitable for different models of mobile phones

ETFE surface: durable, long life, high light transmittance, easy to clean, anti-scratch


With the continuous expansion of the application range of solar panels and the continuous improvement of technology, ETFE solar panels are expected to become one of the mainstream materials for solar cell manufacturing. Especially in the field of mobile applications and outdoor activities, the lightweight and portability of ETFE solar panels will become an increasingly popular advantage. With the continuous development and improvement of ETFE materials, its performance and application range in the manufacture of solar panels will also continue to improve and expand.