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Practical Sharing for Self-driving Tour: The Combination of “Outdoor Power Supply + Solar Panel” is Essential


In recent years, with the emergence of various forms of outdoor activities such as self-driving tour, outdoor camping, desert island survival, off-road adventure, hiking, and night wild fishing, more and more people are willing to go outdoors to experience natural life. This is different from the “windy meal rough sleeping” and “dervish style” outdoor travel in the past, and our outdoor travel has become more advanced in today’s modern technology and advanced solar energy technology. With the dual blessing of solar photovoltaic power generation technology and outdoor energy storage technology, the problem of “power shortage” caused by electronic equipment has also been well solved.

Outdoor power supply, solve common equipment power problems

Outdoor power supply can greatly extend the service life of equipment, and can fully solve the problem of short power consumption time of medium and small power electrical appliances. Generally, the outdoor power supply capacity is at least 300Wh or more. The power bank has limited capacity and is suitable for charging mobile phones for emergencies; When the on-board inverter is used, the car is required to be in the starting state, and the fuel consumption is large; The outdoor power supply has a large capacity and supports various electronic devices, making it more convenient and safer to use.

Outdoor power supply purchase suggestions

(1) Safety:Unreliable outdoor power supply is equivalent to a great source of danger.

(2) Weight: Outdoor power supplies with large volume are not easy to carry.

(3) Workmanship: The outdoor power supply using engineering plastic in the shell is very fragile once it is collided or dropped.

(4) Heat dissipation: Outdoor power supplies with poor heat dissipation are easy to produce potential safety hazards and reduce product service life, and the higher the surface temperature of outdoor power supplies, the lower the charging efficiency.

Outdoor power charging method

Outdoor power supply to do as you use and charge, when the remaining power of about 10% to timely charge, although outdoor power supply will generally have built-in BMS protection system to prevent power supply overdischarge, but timely power replenishment will make lithium batteries better maintain the cycle state.

(1) Mains charging

(2) Driving charging

(3) Solar panel charging

Hongwei solar panels, the best choice for outdoor emergency charging

This 200W 18V solar charging panel (HW71-BF200W6P) can not only directly charge the outdoor power supply, but also use it for mobile phones, cameras, Ipads, Bluetooth speakers and other electronic digital products. And this solar folding bag takes up very little space, only the size of a laptop after folding, weighing about 6.7KG, compared with the same type of solar panels, the volume is smaller and the weight is lighter. If you're planning a trip by car, consider this solar-powered foldable charging bag.